An elevator dream

Do you ever have one of those nightmares where you wake up screaming and try to lie there awake as long as you can, with your eyes open, even though you’re a grown man, because you’re scared to go back to sleep?

In this dream, I was in a hotel chasing after someone who had taken an elevator downstairs (I have a lot of dreams about elevators). I got into the empty elevator to go after him, and while I was waiting for the doors to close, the elevator started shaking/sliding almost violently back and forth. “This can’t be good,” I thought.

When the doors closed, sure enough, the elevator went into freefall. I was only going four floors down (this detail is clear in my memory for some reason), but the fall seemed to take at least five or ten seconds. I finally crashed into the ground, breaking both my legs, but of course there was no real pain in the dream. The real fear came from the fact that I was stuck there at night with no one around to help me. I kept looking at my phone and it had no reception. The doors of the elevator had opened, and I could see out into the dark, deserted lobby of the hotel and through the opaque glass door. There was a storm going on outside, and I kept screaming, “Help! HELP! HELP!!!”

After a long time the door opened and I heard someone come in from out of the rain. I thought it was another patron of the hotel, someone who would help me, but instead a shadowy figure swept in and started stabbing me. It was dark except for the occasional flash of lightning outside, and I couldn’t make out much. I just knew he was wearing a cloak, and he was dark, and he was evil, and he wouldn’t stop stabbing me. This is the only dream I can remember where I actually woke up shouting.

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