Overflowing toilets and fighting robots

First dream: I got out of bed in the morning and went into the bathroom, but I felt an uncomfortable sensation in my bowels, and when I reached down and put a hand there I felt something (intestine? food?) sort of sticking out beneath my skin. I could clearly feel the outline of it protruding. But I couldn’t poop because the toilet was clogged with water and floating pieces of shit almost to the brim. So of course I flushed the toilet and it overflowed everywhere, all over the floor.

For some reason this was Dan’s shit clogging the toilet, so I made him come in and clean it up, even though I was naked. I remember telling him something like, “It won’t kill you to see my dick.” I also remember him making a face as he picked a piece of shit up off the floor with his bare hands. That’s it for the dream, but when I woke up I was lying across a section of bunched-up covers, right on my bowels. So that explains that.


Second dream: I walked with a friend into a crowded theater in the middle of a movie and started talking loudly with him in the back. I shouted something about Real Steel (2011) and fighting robots, and after a minute a theater manager came up to kick us out, and suddenly it wasn’t so much a movie theater as a big arena for giant robots to fight, like in Real Steel. I don’t remember if the manager ended up being a human or a robot, but I think I killed him. We had also imprisoned some people in the back corner of the hallway outside the theater, and we were making them fight one-on-one against the robots.

It came time for a new guy to fight, and the announcer called his name over the loudspeaker. A middle-aged man was released from the holding area in the back and walked over to us. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and he was pretty cut. At the same time, his wife ran up to him, knowing he was about to fight a ten-ton metal robot and probably die, and they shared a long, romantic, sad kiss before I woke up.

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