Cookies ‘n Dubstep

First one: I literally only remember one image from this dream, sort of like the snapshot mode your memory goes into when you approach blackout drunk: I was at the beach in a storm. This is a pretty regular dream setup for me, as we’ll see later on.

Second one: I was at an outdoor ice cream store, like in a mall or on a boardwalk. Just a clerk behind a counter, no seating. At this one, though, the clerk was nowhere to be found. I was with Xandie and Ally Nelson. Xandie went off somewhere and Ally and I decided to get some ice cream. Then Xandie came back and I felt bad for not buying her any, but suddenly she had some in her hand. Apparently I didn’t even have mine yet, because every time I went to order Cookies ‘n Cream it disappeared from the menu. Finally a girl popped up from behind a stack of boxes outside the store. She looked at me and said, “Cookies ‘n Cream?” Bewildered, I told her yes, and she went behind the counter and got me some.

Third one: I was with someone else, but I don’t remember who. We were walking in Lompoc by my old house. We came around the corner of Chestnut and T, walking east and then turning south toward my old complex and Bobby’s current house. There was music playing from somewhere, like we were in a movie. In my head I knew the music was dubstep, but I kept listening for the bass to drop and it never did.

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