Not that kind of cougar

Dusk was falling as I stepped outside my apartment to tend to the laundry. When I got onto the balcony, I saw a big light-colored cougar lurking at the foot of the stairs. Or a panther, or jaguar. One of the big felids. I started to go down the steps and it turned and ran, but it didn’t move like a big cat. It bounded away like a dog and hurtled the low fence surrounding my building, jumping right past a small child and his mother that were walking by. “This is dangerous, to have that thing loose,” I thought as I frantically tried to open the small side door to my garage so I could get inside where it was safe. When I did I immediately closed the door behind me, as I could see the cougar pacing back and forth just outside the fence, staring at me.

It was hot in there, so of course I decided to hit the button to open the big garage door and let some of the cool evening air in. While I nervously scanned the alleyway for any sign of the creature, I tried to quickly move my laundry over from the washer to the dryer. Again, great decision making on my part. Suddenly the thing was inside the garage with me, circling around me, then attacking, going for my throat. That’s when I woke up, knowing exactly what I’d find when I went back to sleep.

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