The master race

I was in my car on one end of a big field of dead yellow grass, facing across the width of it. I was there for a race, but before it began I would have to switch over to my racecar. Other cars were speeding by in front of me, going from right to left. There was a long wire hooked up to my front axle, and when there was a break in the cars streaming by, the wire was used to quickly pull my car about fifty yards across the field. I was still in control of it, though, and when I got close to the other side a black lady standing there directed me to back into my space, so I spun the wheel and pulled the E-brake and turned 180 degress and slid into a big square parking spot blocked off by hay bales on three sides.

She gave me very specific instructions, but her tone of voice and body language told me she was unsure of herself, like she was reading from a script she didn’t understand (does this remind anyone else of a tech support call to an outsourced call center?) “Unbuckle your seat belt on the right. Comb back your hair with one hand.” Xandie was standing just outside the car, smiling at me supportively. I got out of the car and came around to the back, where the black lady handed me some clothes to change into, starting with my shoes. She tossed a helmet and some other clothes onto the ground as well.

There was a precipice behind my car, so I climbed over the hay bale off to the side where there was a short, uneven stone wall running perpendicularly away from the field. I sat on the wall and began to change my shoes, and suddenly Nico was there sitting next to me, along with another race official. They were discussing how Nico had tried to scale a big tower that was a few hundred feet down the road away from the field. It was also made of stone, like a castle rampart, and at the top on all sides it bulged out so he couldn’t climb any higher. Just below the top, running along the bulged-out rim, was engraved the URL of the race website.

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