Bears and hockey

Let me preface this first one by saying that a lot of my dreams take place down the street from my apartment, on the stretch of Beryl from Harkness down to the sea. Except in the dreams it looks different once I get west of Prospect; from there it just slopes straight down to PCH, which in the dreams runs right along the ocean, sort of like the 101 between Carpinteria and Ventura, or the 1 west of Malibu. Anyway, I and a couple other people were in my front yard and there was a bear chasing us. Then suddenly we were at that intersection down the street, in a car stopped at the stop sign on Beryl and Harkness facing east. All the windows were down and the bear was outside the car, trying to get in. I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I tried to roll the windows up, but I didn’t get them up in time and the bear climbed in through one of the driver-side windows. We all scampered out of the car and tried to lock the bear in, but it got out again. That’s it.

The second dream, I was watching Dan play an ice hockey game. It was just a normal game at first, and then some bald ref got beaned in the dome with the puck. They kept playing, and suddenly my cat Phineas was sprawled out on the ice, sliding across it and playing with the puck in his paws the way cats do. All the players stopped playing and crowded around him, commenting on how cute he was. I think it might have been a big version of Finny, too, like a fat tiger, or maybe even bigger. Then Dan revealed that there were monstrous insects and other terrible things waiting for us, and a sudden flash of lightning gave me a glimpse of something awful lurking in the dark recesses around the rink…

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