Drew Brees and log cabins

In the first dream, I was Drew Brees. I’m not sure if I was him the whole time, or if I was just observing for part of the dream (that happens a lot), but anyway, I was slinking through a meadow toward some bad guys, sneaking around their parked cars and trucks. Then they started loosing arrows at me, so I crouched down beside a truck and let an arrow stick in the ground next to me, then crouch-ran around to another truck with a dirt bike in the bed. I think I took a crossbow bolt in the hand at one point, but what do I care? It’s a dream. I lifted the dirt bike out of the bed of the truck and took off across the meadow with the bad guys hard on my heels, dodging arrows and quarrels the whole time. I came to a hill and suddenly there were more people on my “team,” and they were all football players, and the bad guys were now also football players, and one of them fielded a punt and I/Drew Brees said sarcastically, “Good job, buddy,” then continued up the hill on my/his dirt bike.

In the second dream, I was in a log cabin with another guy who was trying to kill me, but I had a rifle and I fended off his attacks from another room. I took him out with a headshot when he peeked around the corner. Then there were other people in the cabin, and we were all teachers talking about our school. The guy I had killed crawled around the corner, and he was a zombie, and I shot him in the head again. Then I shot the remaining six people two at a time by lining up their heads and firing point blank with my rifle. The last guy managed to shoot me in the thigh first. The end.

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