I swear I don’t play too many violent video games

First dream, I went into a house with at least one other guy, and I had a gun, and I started shooting bad guys. I was a crack shot and couldn’t miss. I also rarely had to reload, a detail which actually occurred to me during the dream rather than after I woke up. I shot a guy on the stairway to the left, shot some other guys in the house, then went and crouched next to a wall. Some guy poked his head out directly overhead and shot at me, but I shot him too. I must have killed 20 or 30 dudes in that house. Then I went out back and there was a sort of balcony with more people on it that I also shot. Some were on my team, though, like Pete, who I recruited to go back towards the house with a different kind of gun. This was a weird gun you held vertically; it was a few feet high with the trigger at the bottom and the aiming reticle at the top, and the bullets came out the top. On our way back, I realized a lot of the bad guys weren’t all the way dead, but just mostly dead. After taking out a couple people in the house, I saw my cat Carlo poke his head up, and in the dream I had to shoot him too. Then a huge Carlo poked his gigantic head up from inside the house. He was like a big 20-foot-tall boss version of Carlo, and he came outside and swatted me off the balcony.

Second dream, I was talking to JJ. He wanted to assassinate some guy and start a revolution, so I was going to kill the man. I went to Staples Center with Dan and some other people for a game, but I forgot my ticket so I was just standing outside. Then someone came out a side door with no external handle, and as it was swinging shut I snuck in. I had a spear with me, for some reason. I mean, it was for the assassination, but for some reason it was acceptable to have spears at this sporting event. But I came to find out I didn’t want to assassinate this guy after all, so I hung out with Ryan instead. Which might be ironic considering how much he loves revolutions.

The third dream involved another elevator. Someone was trying to kill me this time, but I got him to get in an elevator and sent him down to the ground floor. I had a small revolver in my hand. My friend and I watched these cameras that were mounted above the elevator bank for the guy to come out on the first floor, but he didn’t. Then we heard his voice coming from inside the left elevator, saying angry stuff about how he was going to kill me. I went around the corner to the left and waited for the door to open. When it did, I fired a single shot blindly into the elevator, but heard nothing afterward. I backed up, crouched, and aimed at the corner, waiting, but he never came around. Then I woke up.

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